acupunctureThis ancient modality of Chinese Medicine treats patients by the insertion and manipulation of tiny hair-thin solid needles into specific acupuncture points on the body. There are over 365 acupuncture points on the body, which are able to access the many different meridians and internal organ systems. By accessing the Qi at these acupuncture points, and then manipulating the energy in different ways depending on the pathology, acupuncture can heal many different diseases. Manipulations may include supplementing, draining, or moving the Qi along the meridian in order to restore the proper flow of energy.

A properly-trained acupuncturist will seek for the arrival of “De Qi,” at the needles, indicating that the needle is having the desired effect at the point. “De Qi” is often described as a heavy, warm, aching sensation at the needles location. Although not painful, “De Qi” can be an interesting sensation when experienced for the first time.

Meridians are like rivers flowing through our body, with both internal and external pathways, that are interconnected and flow in specific directions. Whenever there is a blockage in a river, symptoms of disease result. The blockage may be due to deficiency conditions, similar to a dried up river bed, or an excess condition, likened to that of a dam blocking the river flow. Wherever the blockage is, that part of the body will react and manifest signs of pathology such as pain or inner organ disharmony. Similarly, downstream from the blocked river, there may not be enough Qi or fluids flowing, which may result in symptoms such as fatigue and dryness. This is only a simple explanation of a complex theoretical model that has been developed over thousands of years in China. If you would like more information about Chinese Meridian Theory, please inquire with your acupuncturist.

Facial Rejuvenation/Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture Technique

This service treats your skin from the inside-out, for an ‘all-natural face-lift.” The patient is treated holistically to eliminate fine lines, decrease wrinkle size, tighten pores, brighten complexion, and eliminate acne & acne scars. The treatment consists of a full-body acupuncture treatment depending on the what the patient needs, along with facial and scalp points to increase blood flow to the face. Needling the facial skin also causes micro-trauma which propagates the body to produce more collagen and elastin in the area, which decreases unwanted facial lines and greatly improves the complexion.

Chinese Herbs

chinese herbsThere are thousands of formulas and hundreds of herbs available in the Chinese Pharmacopeia. A complex system developed over thousands of years, Chinese Herbology is effective for many conditions. A properly-trained herbalist is able to create individualized, powerful formulas specialized for each patient and their specific state of disharmony. Herbal formulas can treat many diseases and conditions from the common cold, to chronic debilitating disease. With the combined healing power of both acupuncture and chinese herbs, it’s no wonder that the Nei Jing states, Chinese Medicine can “treat any disease known to man.”


Reiki is a hands-on Japanese healing technique. This powerful traditional medicine utilizes various symbols that allow for a powerful healing process. “Reiki” is literally translated as the universal healing energy and loving light which flows through all beings, and is ever present in the universe. A Reiki Master is one that has been attuned to allow the healing energy to flow through them and into the patient. The practitioner is only a conductor of the energy, and simply observes the healing energy as it flows through them and into the patient’s different energetic centers. At Enso, we often combine Acupuncture with Reiki for a more potent healing experience, and is included within the acupuncture service cost.

Electro-Stimulation (E-Stim)

This technique is often used with acupuncture needles already inserted. A small current of electricity pulses between acupuncture needles, located at strategic points on the body. It is often used for musculoskeletal pain and injury.

Nutritional/Lifestyle Counseling

“Let food be thy medicine”–Hippocrates

A balanced lifestyle includes proper diet, exercise, and restful sleep. Let us help you find balance in your life with nutritional and lifestyle counseling. Learn to live in accordance with your elemental body type, and with the current environment of the season. Experience healthy, natural guidance for a happier, longer life.

Tui Na Medicinal Massage

tui na medicinal massageTui Na, literally means “push and grasp.” It is a powerful form of massage that incorporates meridian theory and acupressure to provide optimal results in a short amount of time. It can access both the musculoskeletal layer, as well as the internal organs and meridians, to provide both internal and external harmony. Tui Na is often a good alternative for those patients who decide that acupuncture is not the best modality for them to undertake. It can also be a great adjunctive therapy to acupuncture treatments, as it helps to relax the body and calm the mind.


CuppingCupping is known as an “inside-out massage.” Glass cups are placed along the meridians of the back or limbs, and pulls up the tissue with a suction force, which allows the deeper layer of muscle tissue to be reached. This provides a powerful detoxifying effect and helps to relieve stagnation and pain along the meridians. It can also be used for relieving common cold and flu symptoms. Patients love the positive effects of cupping, although it may leave temporary bruising circles, which normally disappear after a few days. Cupping may be done alone in a 30 minute session, or as an adjunctive treatment with acupuncture. Ask your acupuncturist about cupping today!


moxibustionMoxa, artemesia vulgaris, also known as Ai Ye in Chinese, is a common herb used during acupuncture treatments. It is most often placed on the end of acupuncture needles, and burned so that the heat may penetrate deep into the meridians. The warm and acrid nature of Ai Ye allows for more circulation of energy deep within the body. It is commonly used for cold conditions, pain, and deficient-type body constitutions. Ask your acupuncturist about Moxa today!

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a gentle technique that utilizes a bone or porcelain spoon shaped object to literally “scrape away disease.” For common cold/flu symptoms, it is used over the Lung field on the back. It is also commonly used over sore muscles and painful areas of the body. Patients often report that it feels soothing, although it may leave red marks, which dissipate quickly after treatment.

What is Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Find out more about the rejuvenating benefits of this service offering.


What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

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“Naomi is a skilled practitioner. I have a phobia of needles, but under Naomi’s care was able to conquer that fear. After my treatment, I felt amazing and so empowered. Also, took the herbs she gave me, and they take care of most of my symptoms.”

— Meg D.

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